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Chris Roberson makes up stories.



So, I’d been trying since late October to get JIM DAVIS to do a cover for us. Sadly, it never happened as he said he didn’t feel like he was up to the task (also, I’m assuming, because it’s called “Sex Criminals”). So, instead, he sent me this in the mail.

Jim Davis sent me a drawing of Garfiled dressed as me.

Jim Davis.

I can die now I guess.



(It’s made out to “Steve Murray” cause that’s my real name if you didn’t know. Taa daa.)

EDIT: Almost forgot to add his handwritten note!

It’s so great.  IT’S TOO GREAT




Hey, I wrote that scene! So glad to do what I can to help cut down on cape related shark-dragging deaths. Super-excited for the new Batgirl!

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Some early concept art for the Nostromo and some repair robots by legendary sci-fi artist Chris Foss for Ridley Scott’s Alien.

I think that one of the things that Allison and I are both proudest of, in terms of what Monkeybrain has been able to accomplish, is the way in which we’ve helped raise the profile of a lot of talented writers and artists who maybe weren’t getting the attention that their talents merited. That feels pretty awesome.

Monkeybrain co-owner/co-publisher chrisroberson reflecting on what he and Monkeybrain co-owner/co-publisher (and new idwcomics employee) allisontype are most proud of in terms of Monkeybrain’s accomplishments in the past two years. We also discuss monkeybraincomics edisonrex as well as his upcoming work on darkhorsecomics Aliens miniseries in this new robot6 interview. It all can be found here. (via comicswithtim)

True Facts.

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Who Owns Media (US Edition)

Via Gizmodo, which also includes graphics on what brands own what consumer goods, consolidation in financial markets, what auto makers own what cars, and what breweries make what beer… which is important.

Images: Studios and media companies (top), and TV stations (bottom). Select to embiggen.

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